Construction Curiosities #27 – A Challenge to Make Everyone’s Life a Little Easier | 5 Charts for 2023 | PUSH vs HƧUᑫ

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This week we will look at:

  • One Challenge: Make Everyone’s Life a Little Easier
  • One Article: 5 Charts for 2023
  • One Tweet: You’re Not as Good as You Think
  • One Quote: Completed Projects Demonstrate What We Know
  • One Meme: PUSH vs HƧUᑫ

One Challenge

I had all the intention in the world to write about something different this week… But then yesterday Maegan Spivey (remember her from CC #25) made this simple yet genius LinkedIn post.

It was a simple post with a simple idea. But it got my mind running. Why are contracts too dang hard to find the important stuff? Why doesn’t every contract have this? Why do you have to thumb/ scroll through 57 pages to find out the contract value and how much retention is being held???

Why aren’t we constantly looking for little ways to help our teams out?


I would counter:

“First of all,

Secondly, If they don’t want to read the contract, they still aren’t going to read the contract even if you hide the important stuff like Easter Eggs.”

All this begs the question, what simple thing can we do to make the lives of those around us much easier? If you are a contract administrator, what are you doing to make the life of the PMs a little easier? If you are a Project Manager or Project Engineer, what are you doing to make the sub’s life a little easier?

Garrett Moss chimed in with this comment.

Why do we as an industry have the tendency to make the lives of everyone hard (and cost everyone more time and money)? Why do we have contract templates with things that ALWAYS get negotiated out?

Challenge this week: Identify one simple thing you can do that would make the life of your team (internally or externally) a little bit easier. Then Do It!

Let us all know what you are going to do!

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One Article

5 charts that hint at what’s in store for construction in 2023

As the new year approaches, the big question on construction leaders’ minds is what’s in store for 2023. Top construction economists say much like in 2022, signals are mixed.

Here is a look at five key indicators and what they suggest for contractors in the year ahead.

  • Architecture billings’ positive streak ends
  • Construction backlog remains steady
  • Material prices remain volatile
  • Labor shortages continue
  • Construction input costs rise

Check the Construction Dive Article to see the 5 Charts

One Tweet

This can hit on so many levels. From business owners/ entrepreneurs to employees.

How are you intentionally improving, so that you do become as good as you think you are?

One Quote

One Meme


borrowed stole this one from The Door Dork himself, Benji Bolick. For more #Doork humor and door fails, give him Follow a On LinkedIn.

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