Construction Curiosities #11 – The Asbestos Secrets your Attorney Doesn’t Want you to Know

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This week we will look at:

  • One Curiosity: Asbestos Fuss
  • One Video: The Real Story of Asbestos
  • One Article: Robots Triple in Size
  • One Quote: It’s Not the Beauty
  • One Meme: 2020 Meme Throwback

One Curiosity:

Is asbestos bad? Absolutely.

Will it mess you up over time over long exposure? Yes.

Should you wear appropriate PPE when working with asbestos? 💯

Will it jump out of the walls and floors and grab you? No

Is it one of the most misunderstood things in the construction industry? 💯

Attorneys really took advantage of the situation in the 70s-90s. Commercials ran during every TV commercial break. In an effort to educate (and make the attorneys a ton of money) it absolutely terrorized people.

Asbestos became the Boogie Man ready to jump out and kill you in your sleep. I’ve seen office workers in today’s day and age learn there is Asbestos in their building and refuse to go back in.

Online time and time again I see younger tradesmen and professionals in such a panic and crippling anxiety because they may have been exposed without PPE.

The truth is Asbestos will do you no harm whatsoever unless it becomes airborne and you breathe it in. Even then OSHA allows for a Permissible Exposure Limit.


Even then it has to be long-term exposure at Concentrated levels for Mesothelioma and other Asbestos sicknesses to develop. It’s the guys who spent years upon years working in the dusty conditions of asbestos mines, factories, and construction sites without any sort of respiratory protection.

EVEN THEN it takes 20-50 years to develop. IF it ever does.

Can anything happen in the world? Absolutely. Could you develop Mesothelioma from a one-time accidental exposure? In theory, I’m sure it’s possible. However, given the fact that Asbestos is naturally occurring in the air we breathe every day already, I wouldn’t worry myself about it.

I’m no doctor but I’m sure you are statistically more likely to worry yourself to death than to develop any health conditions from a one-off short exposure.

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One Video

For a great video about Asbestos and to fill in all the blanks I skimmed over check out this short video.

One Article

Global construction robot market value to triple by 2030

One Quote

From the Great Construction and Life Philosopher, David Allan Coe:

One Meme

Perhaps my favorite 2020 COVID-era memes.

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