Construction Curiosities #40 – Will Bank Failures Impact Construction? | Bitterness of Poor Quality

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This week we will look at:

  • One Article: Bank Failure Impact on Construction?
  • One Quote: Bitterness of Poor Quality
  • One Meme: Change Orders vs Clients

One Article

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock the last couple of weeks, you’ve heard about all the turmoil in the Banking Industry and the ripple effects on Startups and other industries. Time will only tell if there will be impacts on the Construction Industry, but here’s an interesting article on the uncertainty:

Bank failures cause uncertainty for contractors

“Current strong construction classes like multifamily, warehouse, industrial and storage could see some slowdown due to rising interest rates, investor skepticism and banking tension,” said Ross. “Expect to see a fluctuation in consumer confidence that could impact overall demand including high growth areas like single-family, warehouse and multifamily.”

Pop Quiz Trivia Question

How tall must a building be to officially be called a “skyscraper?

A. 150 ft

B. 492 ft

C. 733 ft

D. 1521 ft

Answer is at the bottom of the Newsletter

One Quote

You get what you pay for…

One Meme

It may be a week late to the Scope Creep discussion, but it was too good not to share.

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Trivia Answer

How tall must a building be to officially be called a “skyscraper?

B. 492 ft

Currently, a skyscraper refers to a building over 492 feet. It’s only a matter of time before that height requirement rises, as the Home Insurance Building (the first ever “Skyscraper”) was only 138 feet. New terms such as Supertall (984 feet) and Megatall (1,969 feet) have already been coined over the years.

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