Construction Curiosities #20 – Halloween Edition: Insurance Types, Specialty Contractor Issues Report, Character Invention

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This is an extra special Halloween Edition of the newsletter. We are talking about something so spooky that you’ll want to hide in a pumpkin:


This weekly Newsletter explores my Curiosities about the Construction Industry. It’s meant to make you think, smile, and become a better, more well-informed Construction Professional.


This week we will look at:

  • One Musing: Insurance
  • One Article: Speciality Contractor Issue Report
  • One Tweet: Character Invention
  • One Quote: The Eraser or The Sledgehammer
  • One Meme: Transformer Costume

One Musing

The last few weeks of the newsletter, have been more informational and less of my random ramblings. We’ve looked at the 6 Phases of Construction4 Common Construction Delivery Methods, and 3 Types of Construction Bonds.

This week we are going to keep that theme going and look at Construction Insurance. It’ll be another High Level – High Speed Construction Yeti version of the topic.

This is just the basics as there are way too many details and intricacies to be an all-in-one education.

Types of Insurance

These are the basic insurance policies you’ll see on most projects:

  • General Liability Insurance is your most basic insurance policy. As the name says it protects you from general liabilities. 🙂🙂🙂It can protect you if there is an accident that causes property damage and/or injuries.
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance or Course of Construction Insurance protects the property and construction materials during the course of construction. It helps cover you in the event of a fire, theft, vandalism, etc.For instance, if someone breaks into your job site and steals all the copper pipe and breaks all the windows, this would be covered by your builder’s risk policy.
  • Professional Liability Insurance or Errors and Omissions Insurance is primarily purchased by Architects and Engineers. It helps protect them from costs and lawsuits stemming from errors and omissions in their design work.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance protects employees from lost wages and medical expenses that result from job-related injuries. It covers medical expenses, disability benefits, compensation for fatal injuries, & lawsuits related to work injuries.Worker’s compensation can be mandatory or optional depending on your state. Here’s a good site to learn about your state’s requirements: Worker’s Comp State Laws

Special Insurance types

It seems every year, I hear of a new type of insurance. If there’s a risk, there’s an insurance policy. Here’s a few specialized insurance types and I’m sure there’s a dozen more.

  • Cyber Insurance
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Pollution Liability Insurance

Is everyone still awake?

I hope you got enough knowledge to at least be able to read a contract and know what they are talking about or have an educated conversation with your insurance provider.


Lemme hear your thoughts! Did you learn anything?

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One Article

Dodge Construction Network’s 2022 Top Business Issues for Specialty Contractors Report Identifies Labor Shortage, Supply Chain and Rework as Key Obstacles for Specialty Contractors

This report highlights key issues impacting specialty contractors, including workforce management, technology and profitability to help businesses better understand recurring trends while broadening industry awareness of the advantages that can be created by leveraging digital solutions.

One Tweet

In the Halloween theme of Inventing Characters…

I wrote about Imposter Syndrome in Construction Curiosities #10. I didn’t know in 2020 when I started the blog that I was sorta using this same “Character Invention” technique that Beyonce uses.

I never really built the blog out to be what I had envisioned but that’s a story for a different day. I used the Construction Yeti name and didn’t have my real name or anything on there at all. It was because I was self-conscience. Who am I? And who cares what I have to say? Obviously today I feel different but it was hard to get there.

If you are feeling imposter syndrome in your career right now, could this technique help you?

One Quote

Proper planning saves a lot of headaches later on.

One Meme

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Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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