Construction Curiosities #36 – Reducing Burnout | Fan Favorite Random Advice | Turkey Earthquake Collapses (Why and Arrest Warrants)

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This week we will look at:

  • One Interview: Alex Fichera
  • Eleven Pieces of Random Advice
  • Two Articles: Turkey Earthquake- Why so many collapses and Arrest Warrants
  • One Quote: Build a Door
  • One Meme: Electrician’s pickup line

One Interview

In Episode 3 of The CM mentors Podcast, Kyle Grandell and I chat with Alex Fichera, Owner & Business Anthropologist of Intuito Group. The general topic is Personal Energy Management and tips for reducing burnout for yourself and your team, but the conversation takes many interesting turns, as it does anytime you chat with Alex.

Other topics include:

  • Business Athletes
  • How to find people that are hungry
  • Staying away from the Trouble Makers
  • Using sports analogies for construction
  • Showing Middle Management some love
  • What happens when someone is unwillingly and unhappily promoted

The CM Mentors Podcast’s vision is to be an informative, entertaining, and interactive experience for construction managers by construction project managers.



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Pop Quiz Trivia Question

How is rebar sized? i.e. Whats the Diameter of a #3 bar? #4 bar?

Answer is at the bottom of the Newsletter

Random Advice

A month or 2 ago on LinkedIn, I opened up a Random Piece of Advice Thread Part II

I promised to post the top-voted ones in a future newsletter. So here we are in the future. Here are your fan favorites:

And one of my favorites, from next week’s CM Mentors Podcast Recording:

For the full list of great comments check it out here: Random Advice

Two Articles

Turkey earthquake: Why did so many buildings collapse?

Construction regulations have been tightened following previous disasters, including a 1999 earthquake around the city of Izmit, in the north-west of the country, in which 17,000 people died.

But the laws, including the latest standards set in 2018, have been poorly enforced.

“In part, the problem is that there’s very little retrofitting of existing buildings, but there’s also very little enforcement of building standards on new builds,” says Prof Alexander.

Turkey earthquake: 113 arrest warrants connected to building construction

For years, experts warned that many new buildings in Turkey were unsafe due to endemic corruption and government policies.

Those policies allowed so-called amnesties for contractors who swerved building regulations, in order to encourage a construction boom – including in earthquake-prone regions.

One Quote

One Meme

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Trivia Answer

Rebar is sized by eighths of an inch of the bar’s diameter. For instance, a #3 bar has a 3/8” diameter. A #4 bar has a 1/2” (4/8) diameter.

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